Standard Bank Mobile Data Rewards

About Standard Bank Mobile

Standard Bank Mobile is an exclusive offering available to Standard Bank customers who have a qualifying Standard Bank Cheque or Credit card. Instead of being limited to pre-defined data and voice bundles, we allow you to choose your own per MB rate and per Min rate.

Don't have a Standard Bank Mobile SIM?

*Depends on stock availability. Note: Standard Bank branches only sell SIM cards. Devices can be purchased online here.

The following data rewards earning rates apply:

Earn up to 2GB* of data per month

Tier 1
(0 - 399)
Tier 2
(400 - 574)
Tier 3
(575 - 724)
Tier 4
(725 - 874)
Tier 5
Data 50 MB 100 MB 500 MB 1 GB 2 GB

To qualify for Tier 5 you will need to have 875 or more Tiering Points.

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Stay vigilant!

Fraudsters are masquerading as UCount Rewards through phishing emails and smishing SMSs linked to the redemption of Rewards Points. Don't click on any link, open an attachment, provide an OTP or scan any QR codes to redeem your Rewards Points on such email or SMS. Report suspected fraud to 0800 222 050.

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Help a student in need by redeeming your Rewards Points into Feenix™ or pay your loved one's school fees with your Rewards Points via School-Days®. Visit to create your profile, or register on or download the School-Days® app. Redeem using your UCount Rewards Card. T&Cs apply

Important Notices
Important Notices

Stay informed with the latest notices and information about our rewards programme, including changing earn rates, newest Rewards Retailers, and more.

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At Standard Bank, your personal information is as personal to us as it is to you, which is why we'll never ask you to provide us with your login details.