Which banking products of mine qualify for Tiering Points?

Current Accounts
  • MyMo PAYT Account
  • MyMo Plus Account
  • Private Banking Account
  • Professional Banking Account
  • Prestige Banking Account
  • Elite Banking Account
  • Student Achiever Account
  • Consolidator Account
  • Access Banking Account
  • Signature Banking Account
  • Wealth and Investment Banking Account

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Debit Cards
  • Standard Bank VISA/MasterCard debit card
  • Access Banking blue debit chip card
  • Student Achiever debit card
Cheque Cards
  • MyMo Plus
  • MyMo gold card
  • Private Banking platinum cheque card
  • Professional cheque card
  • Prestige Banking titanium cheque card
  • Elite Banking gold cheque card
  • Student Achiever blue/silver cheque card
  • Consolidator gold cheque card
  • Wealth and Investment cheque card
Credit Cards
  • Access credit card
  • Blue credit card
  • Gold credit card
  • Titanium credit card
  • Platinum credit card
  • World Citizen credit card
  • Professional credit card
  • World MasterCard credit card
  • World Elite MasterCard credit card
  • World Elite Metal MasterCard credit card

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Savings and Investments

Fixed-term accounts:

  • Fixed deposit (With a term of at least 3 months)
  • Senior Citizen fixed deposit (With a term of at least 3 months)
  • Electronic fixed deposit (With a term of at least 3 months)
  • Consolidator fixed deposit (With a term of at least 3 months)
  • ContractSave (General and Premium accounts)
  • SharePlus deposit
  • BonusPlus deposit
  • Shari'ah fixed deposit
  • Wholesale fixed deposit
  • Tax-Free fixed deposit
  • Flexi Advantage

Other Savings and Investment accounts:

  • PureSave account
  • AccessSave
  • Notice deposit
  • MarketLink
  • Tax-Free Call deposit
  • Tax-Free Call Plus
  • Electronic Call deposit
  • Electronic 32-day notice deposit
  • MoneyMarket Call account
  • Tiered rate Call deposit
  • Personal Book PlusPlan
  • Personal AutoBank PlusPlan
  • Retail/Wholesale Call deposit
  • Notice deposit – AutoPlus Linked
  • Prestige Book PlusPlan
  • Elite Book PlusPlan
  • Staff AutoBank PlusPlan
  • Staff Book PlusPlan
  • Elite AutoBank PlusPlan
  • Prestige AutoBank PlusPlan
  • Consolidator AutoBank PlusPlan
  • Non-Resident PlusPlan
  • Enterprise Book PlusPlan
  • Enterprise AutoBank PlusPlan
  • Money Market Select
  • Shari'ah Personal Call Account

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Personal Loans
  • Medium-term loan
  • Revolving credit plan loan
  • Achiever plan credit
  • Access loan
  • Overdraft

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Home Loans
  • All personal home loans
  • Excludes: business mortgages and commercial loans
  • Only loan accounts with debit balances qualify to earn Tiering Points

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Vehicle and asset finance agreements
  • Financial rent (Consumer)
  • Instalment sale
  • Financial lease
  • Full maintenance lease
  • Operating rental

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Insurance products
  • Blue Bean credit card protection plan
  • Standard Bank Prestige warranty
  • Standard Bank Standard warranty
  • Innovation Prestige warranty
  • Innovation Standard warranty
  • Upfront warranty (Prestige and Standard)
  • Standard Bank accident protection plan*
  • Home loan protection plan
  • Vehicle asset and finance protection plan (Credit Life – Motor Finance)
  • Home owners comprehensive
  • Credit card protection plan
  • Standard Bank funeral plan*
  • Personal loan protection plan
  • Stansure*
  • Standard Bank legal assist plan*
  • Standard Bank unity hospital cash plan*
  • Flexible Funeral Plan
  • Flexible Life Plan

*Only when the premium is paid by the policyholder
Note: Only the above listed products underwritten by Standard Insurance Limited or Liberty Life will qualify for Tiering Points.

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Forex products
  • TravelWallet
  • Foreign Notes
  • MoneyGram
  • Shyft*

* Qualifying Shyft transaction: Purchase to the value of R7 500 or more of foreign currency directly from your Shyft ZAR wallet in a 12-month period.

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Share trading products
  • Hold an active FICA compliant Online Share Trading account with a credit balance from the Standard Online Share Trading Platform.
  • AutoShare Invest.
  • Tax-Free Investment Account.
  • Webtrader Account.
  • Offshore Share Trading Account.

Note: Qualifying trades include both buying and selling of Equities and/or buying and selling CFDs (Initial margin value is measured).

Prepaid transactions
  • Airtime
  • Data
  • SMS bundles
  • Draft a will through Standard Bank, nominate us as the Executors and allow us to keep the original will in safe custody.

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Digital Solutions
  • Instant Money
  • Masterpass
  • Snapscan
Offshore Products
  • Optimum Bank Account
  • Platinum Optimum Bank Account
  • Seafarer Bank Account
  • Call Account
  • Structured Products
Value Added Services
  • Lotto
  • Lotto Plus
  • Powerball
  • Electricity
  • Vouchers
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