Tiering Levels

Move up tiers as you earn Tiering Points

The more products and services you use, the higher your Tiering Level will be - and the more Rewards Points you will earn from your qualifying purchases.

How the Tiering Levels work

UCount has five Tiering Levels and the level you’re on depends on your Tiering Points.

How to get to the next Tiering Level

The Tier estimator has been designed to help you see how many Tiering Points you need to move up a Tier.

Qualifying Banking products

There are various products you can use through the bank that will help you earn even more Tiering Points.

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Help a student in need by redeeming your Rewards Points into Feenix™ or pay your loved one's school fees with your Rewards Points via School-Days®. Visit feenix.org to create your profile, or register on schooldays.co.za or download the School-Days® app. Redeem using your UCount Rewards Card. T&Cs apply

Important Notices
Important Notices

Stay informed with the latest notices and information about our rewards programme, including changing earn rates, newest Rewards Retailers, and more.

Keep your information personal

At Standard Bank, your personal information is as personal to us as it is to you, which is why we'll never ask you to provide us with your login details.