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About Makro
Makro is one of the largest retail stores in Africa - offering the latest electronics, food and beverages, outdoor and gym equipment, clothing, and more.
Earning Rewards Points with Makro
Shop in-store or online at Makro with your qualifying Standard Bank personal Credit, Cheque or Debit card and earn:
  • 0.75% back in Rewards Points on general merchandise purchases
  • 0.75% back in Rewards Points on the value of your Rewards Points redeemed on general merchandise purchases when using your UCount Rewards Card
  • up to 20%* back in Rewards Points on your grocery purchases made in-store or online
  • up to 20%* back in Rewards Points on your fashion purchases in-store or online
  • Additionally, you will also earn up to 1%* back in Rewards Points based on your Tiering Level
Redeeming your Rewards Points at Makro
You can redeem your Rewards Points in-store with your activated* UCount Rewards Card.
  • Swipe your UCount Rewards Card and enter your PIN.
  • If you don't have enough Rewards Points to pay for your purchase in full, you can use your qualifying card to pay the difference.

Or you can redeem your Rewards Points when you shop online at www.makro.co.za

  • To make your purchase, simply enter your UCount Rewards card details and your 3D SecureCode on the order checkout page.
  • For more information about 3D SecureCode, click here

*If you haven't activated your UCount Rewards Card, you can do this online, or by calling the UCount Rewards Contact Centre on 0860 UCOUNT (82 68 68).

To view your Rewards Points balance, sign into your UCount Rewards profile, go on the Standard Bank App, or SMS 'BALANCE' to 45224. SMS costs R1.

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Terms and conditions
  • General merchandise excludes food, groceries, liquor, cellular, delivery charges, financial services (such as extended warranties), trade debtors account payments and gift cards.
  • Grocery means all perishable and non-perishable foodstuffs; any substance that can be used or prepared for use as food; all household cleaning supplies; beauty and health products (excluding in-store pharmacy and prescription medication purchases).
  • Grocery purchases exclude general merchandise, clothing, in-store pharmacy purchases, prescription medication, tobacco, airtime, bill payments, lotto, travel and entertainment, gift cards or payments made for delivery charges, payments made to any Grocery Retailer accounts and financial services e.g. extended warranties.
  • The Rand value of Rewards Points that can be collected will be limited to 5000 Rewards Points (R500) per fixed cycle, which runs from the 16th of the month to the 15th of the following month.
  • Grocery Rewards means Rewards Points you earn on qualifying grocery purchases when using your card to pay for your purchases at any Participating Grocery Retailers stores in South Africa (including online where applicable).
  • Qualifying grocery purchases means all perishable and non-perishable foodstuffs, substances that can be used to prepare food and all household cleaning products, beauty and health products that can be purchased from a Participating Grocery Retailer and excludes non-foodstuffs such as clothing, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, liquor, airtime, bill payments, lottery and casino purchases, travel and entertainment, gift cards, financial services, payments made for delivery charges and payments made to the participating Grocery Retailer for payment of an account.
  • Fashion Rewards means Rewards Points you earn on qualifying fashion purchases when using your Card to pay for your purchases at any Participating Fashion Retailers stores in South Africa (including online where applicable).
  • Qualifying Fashion means any purchase for clothing, apparel, attire, footwear, jewellery, handbags and accessories.
  • Fashion purchases excludes airtime, data, cellphones, electronics, cellphone accessories, courier services, retailer account and store card payments, baby items such as toiletries, food, dummies, nappies, feeding equipment, humidifiers, retailer’s financial and non-financial Services products & services, general merchandise such as chips, sweets, water, gift cards, health & beauty products such as make up, perfume, skin care products, home products including towels, sheets, duvets, blankets, cushions, pots, pans, kitchen equipment and appliances, outdoor products such as camping chairs, tents and equipment, all sports equipment such as balls, bats, weights, all children’s toys and travel products such as luggage and travel accessories.
  • Should you select the Grocery Category, you will earn up to 20%* back in Grocery Rewards at Makro and up to 1%* back in Rewards Points on your fashion purchases.
  • Should you select the Fashion Category, you will earn up to 20%* back in Fashion Rewards at Makro and up to 1%* back in Card Rewards on your grocery purchases.
  • You must have a Makro access card in order to transact at Makro.
  • Your Rewards Points cannot be refunded back into your UCount Rewards Card if you return goods that were purchased with your Rewards Points – you will be refunded with a Makro credit note (not redeemable for cash) or according to Makro's return policy.
  • Makro’s online return policy states that you cannot be refunded for any merchandise purchased online from Makro to the value of 50 (fifty Rand) and less when using your Standard Bank Card or having redeemed your Rewards Points.
  • Redemptions are limited to 200 000 Rewards Points (R20 000) per transaction and/or per month.
  • Rewards Points can only be redeemed at South African Makro stores and at Makro online. Part-payment is not available for purchases from Makro online.
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