PureSave Savings account

About PureSave

Use your UCount Rewards Points to make monthly deposits into your savings account; and withdraw your money whenever you need to, without penalties.

If you don’t already have a PureSave account, you can open one at any Standard Bank branch or via Internet Banking now.

PureSave T&Cs

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PureSave features and benefits

You can:

  • start investing with a minimum opening deposit of just R 50
  • start earning competitive interest from the first deposit
  • keep your account open for as long as you need
  • add to your savings whenever you want
  • access your money anytime
  • Hold multiple PureSave accounts for your different savings needs
  • link your Standard Bank card to transact in-app, online, at branches or ATMs
  • the latest interest rates are available on www.standardbank.co.za
How to Redeem your Rewards Points

There are two ways to redeem into your savings account. You can redeem them online or call the UCount Rewards Contact Centre on 0860 UCOUNT (82 68 68).

For online redemption:

  • Sign in to your UCount Rewards account
  • Click on the "Online Redemption Portal" tab
  • Click on the "Savings and Investment" tab
  • Add "PureSave" to your basket
  • Select your quantity
  • Select "Deposit in Standard Bank PureSave account"
  • Select the Rand equivalent for your redemption
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Help a student in need by redeeming your Rewards Points into Feenix™ or pay your loved one's school fees with your Rewards Points via School-Days®. Visit feenix.org to create your profile, or register on schooldays.co.za or download the School-Days® app. Redeem using your UCount Rewards Card. T&Cs apply

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Important Notices

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