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More to spend on what you want, whenever you pay for what you need. That's UCount Rewards* in a nutshell.

Once you're registered, buying anything from groceries or petrol to airline tickets with your Standard Bank debit, cheque or credit card earns you UCount Rewards Points. And you can redeem them for all sorts of goodies at all sorts of places with your UCount Rewards Card.

How To Collect UCount Rewards Points
  • Earn more points: Every ten UCount Rewards Points are worth a rand. Reaching 401 points moves you up a Tier, where you earn double the points for swiping your card (there are five Tiers in total)
  • Calculate your points: You can quickly work out where and how to earn the big points by trying out the UCount Rewards calculator
  • Credit card swipes: These earn you the most points. But you also rack up points using mobile or online banking for payments, switching to e-statements or updating your personal info
  • Social rewards: And if you link your Twitter account to UCount Rewards, you can earn points for using the #UCount hashtag to tweet about the awesome rewards you're getting
How To Redeem Your Points
  • Get started: Activating your UCount Rewards Card means you can start redeeming your points at the likes of Dis-Chem and Makro stores and filling up your tank at Caltex garages
  • You can also visit our Online Redemption portal
  • Travel more: If adventure's what you're after, your points can be redeemed on – or contribute towards – exclusive deals at the UCount Rewards Travel Mall (the points are also welcomed at Bidvest Premier Airport Lounges, and can be converted to SAA voyager miles)
  • Donate to charity: Should spoiling yourself and the family ever get too much, you can always donate your points to charity

*T&Cs apply

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Important Notices

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