About UCount Rewards

About UCount Rewards

UCount Rewards lets you earn UCount Rewards Points when you swipe your qualifying Standard Bank personal Debit, Cheque or Credit card.

You can redeem your Rewards Points at our Rewards Retailers and for fuel at Caltex using your activated UCount Rewards Card. You can also earn and redeem your UCount Rewards Points online at the UCount Rewards Online Redemption Portal or for local and international travel packages at the UCount Rewards Travel Mall.

Some of the benefits

Ucount Rewards Retailers

Choose from over 20 Ucount Rewards Retailers to earn and redeem Rewards Points.

Choose Your Own Rewards

Choose if you want to earn up to 20%* back in UCount Rewards Points on Groceries, Fashion or Lifestyle Rewards.

Earn as you shop

Shop online or at any store nationwide and earn Rewards Points every time you use your qualifying Credit, Cheque or Debit card.

Fuel Rewards

Earn up to R5* back in Rewards Points p/l of fuel and oil at Caltex.
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UCount Rewards App Launch!

Unlock UCount Rewards with Standard Bank's Banking App. A brand-new way of showing that U Count.

Important Notices
Important Notices

Stay informed with the latest notices and information about UCount Rewards.

See the latest information on PureSave redemptions and Tier 5 earn.

Keep your information personal

At Standard Bank, your personal information is as personal to us as it is to you, which is why we'll never ask you to provide us with your login details.