About HiFi Corp

HiFi Corp

HiFi Corp is a brand of the JD Group. After more than two decades of the leading budget beater in electronic audio-visual products and appliances, the brand continues to bring the lowest possible prices to consumers. HiFi Corp has cemented its position in this market as a national chain focused on six main categories: Television, Audio products, Appliances, Computing, Cellular and Car Audio.

HiFi Corp: Why shop anywhere else?

How to redeem your Rewards Points IN-STORE at HiFi Corp

  • You can redeem your Rewards Points in-store with your activated Business Rewards Card. Simply swipe your Business Rewards Card and enter your selected PIN.
  • If you don’t have enough Rewards Points to pay for your purchase in full, you can use your qualifying Standard Bank Business Credit, Cheque or Debit Card to pay the difference.

NOTE: You must activate your Business Rewards Card before you can redeem your Rewards Points at our Rewards Retailers. If you haven’t yet activated your Business Rewards Card, you can do this online, by calling the UCount Rewards contact centre
on 0860 UCOUNT (82 68 680) or email [email protected].

How to redeem your Rewards Points ONLINE at HiFi Corp

  • To redeem your Rewards Points online at HiFi Corp, enter your Business Rewards Card details and your 3D SecureCode on the order check-out page. To retrieve your 3D SecureCode, simply:
    • Log in to your Business Rewards Online Profile
    • Select ‘Manage your Business Rewards Card’
    • Select ‘Get My 3D SecureCode’.

  • Your Business Rewards card must be activated in order to get your 3D SecureCode when redeeming your Rewards Points online. For more information about 3D SecureCode. Click here

    *IMPORTANT NOTE: The option to part-pay using your Rewards Points and your qualifying Standard Bank card is not available for online purchases at HiFi Corp. If you want to redeem your Rewards Points online at HiFi Corp, you will need to have sufficient Rewards Points available to cover the total purchase.
    • To view your rewards point balance, log onto your UCount Rewards profile or call the UCount Rewards Contact Centre
      on 0860 UCOUNT (82 68 68) or just SMS the word ‘BALANCE’ to 32700. SMS costs R1.

Contact details:

To find out more about HiFi Corp, or to locate your nearest HiFi Corp store:

Terms and Conditions:

  • Your Rewards Points cannot be refunded back into your Business Rewards Card if you return goods that were purchased with your Rewards Points – you will be refunded with a HiFi Corp gift card or according to HiFi Corp’s return policy.
  • Redemption is limited to 300 000 Rewards Points (R30 000) per transaction/per month.
  • Rewards Points can only be redeemed at South African HiFi Corp stores or online at HiFi Corp
  • **UCount Rewards for Business terms and conditions apply