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About Caltex

For more than 75 years, Caltex has stood for quality products and services; it is backed by the power of Astron Energy, one of the leading suppliers of petroleum products in South Africa. The Caltex brand is a household name throughout Africa, Middle East, Asia; it has established local strength and preference through years of marketing commitment. Caltex is the ultimate convenience destination providing world-class fuels and lubricants, modern fuel payment solutions and the convenience of FreshStop. Caltex’s unique local roots and heritage, combined with Astron Energy’s commitment to economic growth and transformation makes for a sustainable winning formula – Caltex, it is how you get there…

Caltex, it is how you get there…

To locate your nearest participating Caltex, visit or the Standard Bank mobile app.

Collect up to R5 back rewards points per litre of fuel

When using your qualifying Standard Bank Business Card at Caltex, you will collect rewards points for every litre of fuel you purchase. You will collect more rewards points by using your Credit Card.

Tier Credit Card Debit/Cheque Spend Cap1 Collect Cap in Rewards points
1 35c pl 20c pl 20% of total monthly Qualifying Purchases 10 000
2 50c pl 30c pl
3 70c pl 40c pl
4 R1.25 pl 50c pl
5 R5 pl 50c pl

1 Spend Cap means the total value of your qualifying card spend during a fixed cycle.

2 Collect Cap means the maximum amount of rewards points that you can collect in a fixed cycle.

How to redeem your rewards points at Caltex

  • You can redeem your rewards points for fuel only with your activated Business Rewards Card. Simply swipe your activated Business Rewards Card and enter your PIN.
  • If you don’t have enough rewards points to pay for your fuel purchase in full, you can use your Standard Bank Business Credit, Cheque or Debit Card to pay the difference.
  • Your rewards points cannot be refunded back into your Business Rewards Card once your payment for fuel purchases has been processed. Caltex refund policy will apply.

NOTE: You must activate your Rewards Card before you can redeem your rewards points at Caltex. If you haven't yet activated your Business Rewards Card, you can do this online, or by calling the Business Rewards contact centre on 0860 UCOUNT (82 68 68).

Contact details

To locate your nearest Caltex, visit

Terms and Conditions:

  • Fuel paid for with your personal garage card, or fleet cards is excluded from collecting Fuel Rewards.
  • All purchases (including fuel purchases) paid for with Standard Bank Business Credit, Cheque, Debit Card in Caltex FreshStop or Caltex convenience stores are also excluded from collecting Fuel Rewards.