About Standard Bank Mobile


Standard Bank Mobile is an exclusive offering which is only available to Standard Bank customers. You must have a qualifying Standard Bank transactional cheque account or credit card.

Standard Bank Mobile has turned traditional data and voice bundles on its head! Instead of being limited to pre-defined data and voice bundles, we allow you to choose your own per MB rate and per Min rate for your usage. It’s easy, choose the rate at which you want to consume your data for a monthly fee and use as much as you want up to your spend limit.

Collect up to 2 Gigabytes of data a month

The following data collection rates apply:

Bank Mobile
Tier 1
(0 – 399)
Tier 2
(400 – 574)
Tier 3
(575 – 724)
Tier 4
(725 – 874)
Tier 5
(875+ tiering points)
Collect Cap
Data 50MB 100MB 500MB 1GB 2GB 2GB

To qualify for tier 5 you will need to have 875 or more tiering points AND spend a minimum of R20 000 per fixed cycle on your Standard Bank Credit Card.