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Redeeming your rewards points

Redeeming your rewards points is just as easy as collecting them – and with so many options available to you, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Fuel at Caltex

You can redeem your points for fuel at any participating Caltex. All you need is your UCount Rewards card and your PIN.

Great deals at our Rewards Retailers

You can redeem your points conveniently in-store or online at our Rewards Retailers using your activated UCount Rewards card and PIN.

Fantastic offers at the UCount Rewards Travel Mall

From local and international flights to car hire and accommodation… from adventurous overseas holiday packages to relaxing weekend breaks nearby, you are sure to find a great deal at the UCount Rewards Travel Mall!

UCount Rewards Online Redemption Portal

Redeem your Rewards Points into Savings & Investments and Lending products, to Charities and Avios, and to purchase vouchers, airtime & data at the Online Redemption Portal!

Donate to a charity

You can put your points to good use by donating them to any of our listed charities. Simply click on the ‘Books, gifts and vouchers’ tab at the UCount Rewards Online Redemption Portal, and select ‘Charities‘ to make your donation.

Crowd Funding

You can put your Rewards Points to good use through our crowd-funding initiative. This initiative relies on the collective efforts of a group of investors, from large corporates to individual philanthropists, to reach specific funding goals. You can Donate to a student through our Crowd Funding initiative on the Feenix platform.

Save or invest your points

Redeem your Rewards Points as savings into your PureSave account, or invest them in your AutoShare Invest, Tax-Free Investment account or Notice Deposit account

Visit a Bidvest Airport Lounge

You can use your points to access Bidvest Premier Airport domestic and international lounges within any South African airport by simply swiping your activated UCount Rewards Card.

Convert your points to air miles

You can also convert your points to Avios (if you are a member of the British Airways Executive Club).

Redeem your points for ticketless parking

Redeem your Rewards Points for ticketless parking, simply by adding your UCount Rewards Card as a payment option on the Admyt and KaChing ticketless parking apps.

Redeem your points into your Personal Loan

You can use your Rewards Points to reduce your Revolving Credit Plan (RCP) or Term Loan or pay off your loan.

How to redeem your points

It’s easy to redeem your points! You can do so…

With your UCount Rewards Card

To redeem your points at any of our Rewards Retailers, Bidvest Premier Lounges or for fuel at any participating Caltex, simply swipe your activated UCount Rewards Card and enter your PIN. Simple as that.

Via the UCount Rewards Contact Centre

Call us on 0860 UCOUNT (826868) and one of our friendly agents will gladly assist with your redemption on the UCount Rewards Online Redemption Portal and/or Travel Mall.

Online at the UCount Rewards Online Redemption Portal and Travel Mall

Once you have decided on your purchase, simply proceed to the checkout and follow the easy steps to redeem your points and make your payment. And remember – if you don’t have enough rewards points, you can pay the difference using your qualifying Standard Bank card.