About Caltex

Caltex started its journey back in 1936. Today, it's a petroleum brand that's used in over 60 countries.

Caltex is the ultimate convenience destination providing world-class fuels and lubricants, modern fuel payment solutions and the convenience of FreshStop.

Earning Rewards Points with Caltex

Swipe your qualifying Standard Bank business credit, cheque or debit card at your nearest Caltex and earn:

  • Up to R5* back per litre of fuel and oil in Rewards Points based on your Tier Level.
  • The following earning rates apply per litre of fuel and oil purchased:
Qualifying card type Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
Earn Cap
Credit 35c pl 50c pl 70c pl R 1.25 pl R 5 pl R1 000
Debit / Cheque 20c pl 30c pl 40c pl 50c pl 50c pl
*Terms and Conditions apply Click here
*Spend Cap means the total value of your qualifying card spend during a fixed cycle
*Earn Cap means the maximum amount of Rewards Points that you can earn in a fixed cycle
Terms and conditions
  • All purchases, including fuel purchases made in Caltex convenience stores are excluded from earning fuel Rewards Points.
  • Your UCount Rewards Points cannot be refunded back into your UCount Rewards Card once your payment for fuel purchases has been processed. Caltex refund policy will apply.
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When using your qualifying Standard Bank Business card at Caltex, you can get up to R5* back in Rewards Points per litre of fuel and oil, based on your Tier Level.

Important Notices
Important Notices

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